July 12, 2024

Cover - low res.jpgPublisher: Xcite Books
Editor: Adam Nevill

Cocktales – is a mini-series of 6 collections, with 4 or 5 erotic tales included in each volume. Two titles will be published each month until the series concludes:

– Between The Sheets
– Sex on the Beach
Pub Date May – Subs by 1st Jan 2010

– All Night Long
– Screaming Orgasm
Pub Date Jun 2010 – Subs by Feb 2010

– Kiss in the Dark
– Temptation
Pub date July 2010 – Subs by March 2010

[Writing to the theme is not essential with Cocktales, though feel free to have a go if inspiration strikes, but these collections intend to cover a wide range of sexual fantasy from dirty vanilla to kink. We pay a flat fee of £50 providing your story is 3 – 4000 words in length. Payment is made on publication; letter of acceptance is issued one month prior to publication].

As from August 2010 we will be publishing four new collections of original erotic short stories.


– Threesome: When One Lover Is Not Enough. An Xcite Collection:
Theme: threesomes to group sex.
Deadline for stories April 1st 2010. Publication Sep 2010

– Kinky Girls: An Xcite Collection of Women on the Wild Side.
Themes: role-play, bondage/restraint, domination and submission, spanking, kink.
Deadline for stories May 1st 2010. Publication Oct 2010

– Sex at Work: An Xcite Collection of Inappropriate Behaviour on the Job.
Theme: I hope it’s self explanatory (Ed).
Deadline for stories June 1st 2010. Publication Nov 2010

– Indecent proposals: An Xcite Collection of Sexy Propositions.
Theme: swapping, sharing, escorting, and other curious offers.
Deadline for stories 1st August 2010. Publication Jan 2011.

Submission guidelines: your short story should not already be published anywhere in the world. Thematically, it should be written with the Xcite guidelines in mind. Obviously you will not be tied to having to provide detailed plot, numerous characters and enough varied types of sex to fill a novel, but the story should be about more than ‘some people having sex’. The emphasis is on intensity, imagination, erotic tension, pleasure and explicit action and what’s-at-stake for the main character. We want to position these as suitable for the general reader as well as erotica fans.

We pay a flat fee of £50 providing your story is 2 – 4000 words (though 4K is preferred). Payment is made on publication; letter of acceptance is issued one month prior to publication.

In addition there are three other collections already scheduled that are still taking submissions:

– Ultimate Spanking – pub date April 2010 (best to get a story to us by Jan 2010
– Ultimate Uniforms – pub date August 2010 (subs to us by March 2010 ideal)
– Boy Fun – pub date Oct 2010 (subs by May 2010)

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