July 12, 2024

Although I have explores Islam as a religious choice–very early on, and I quickly realised its lack of spiritual resonance with me and moved on–its historical place in the story of black Africans in the diaspora, I cannot ignore.

I place Islam in the same context I place Christianity. I do not presume to disdain your religious thought… however, the actions of both Christians and Muslims in working to destroy the African family, enslave and devalue the individual African, has brought me to very strong feelings about the people who follow these religious traditions.

African people who espouse the religion of ethnic and cultural groups who have proven over the last thousand years or so at least (at least in a more coagulated and potently acted upon racism) that they do not love Africans–nor have they acted in the best interest of any other than their own ethnicities and cultures–are colluding with their destruction.

While we say Gadaffi is a madman–we’ve all said this for years, because doesn’t it take a madman to thumb his nose at the most powerful forces of arms in the last 1000 years or so for as long as he has–it is true that madmen are prophets of a kind. If you listen closely enough, you hear the truth in the ravings and hear projections for the future.

In a “Modern Ghana” article, Kwame E. Bidi points out Gadaffi’s statements on arrival in Italy to attend a EU meeting in September of 2010:

Addressing the European Union (EU) in Rome, Gaddafi warned that “Europe runs the risk of turning “black” unless the EU pays Libya at least €5 billion (£4.1 billion) a year to block the arrival of illegal immigrants from Africa”. He continued, “Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European and even black as there are millions (of Africans) who want to come in. He described the migration pattern as something “very dangerous”.

This idea that Africans are inferior and a ‘threat’ to the world, has not actually been proven historically. What has been proven is that the world owes Africa a debt that can never be repaid as all humanity, and human knowledge and wisdom proceeds from the inroads laid by Black African ancestors before time was recorded. How can you ever repay your mother for the money and love she bestows on you from the moment you exit her womb? You cannot.

At any rate, The idea that Gadaffi is somehow a friend to Africa (despite rhetoric employed no doubt for the purpose of gain for himself and Libya, is false. The Arab world is not a friend to Africans. Ask @kolaboof, she could tell you a story or two, to be sure.

In the same “Modern Ghana” piece, Bidi concludes:

Gaddafi must be told in the face that, black Africa has had enough from Arab and European expansionisms, which resulted in colonialism, slavery and the lost of the African identity and personality. That, black Africa is not simply a cultural vacuum to be filled by the religious doctrines of any over-zealous groups of people seeking wealth, dominance, and influence. That, black Africa fought and freed itself from shackles of colonialism long time ago and finally that, Africans need not define their identity by any imported heritage, including Islam.

I wholeheartedly concur.

While Africans are on the ‘bottom’ of the scale in these minds, there is always balance in things, even if it is imperceptible to all but a few. Even though Africa, the magnificent bottomlessly rich land from which all human endeavour sprung, has been relegated to the world’s food basket and must endure the grabby uncouth hands of almost every cultural world power’s leadership: the first shall be last, and the last shall be first until the pendulum swings back, as it surely must.


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