May 23, 2024

Here’s my thing… I’ve been listening to this in heavy rotation for about three or four days now. It was only today that I realised that this is a remix, and that Kelly Rowland was the original singer.

So… for my own education, I did the youtube ‘google’ and there it was… a wonderful beat, nice melody and grind, and utter shite on top.

I endured until Lil Wayne opened his mouth–then I shuddered–and closed the browser window. NO. No. No. No. No. Lil Wayne is disgusting… He looks frightful, and that voice is like a cleaver going through my head. It’s horrific what passes for rap/hip hop these days. I know it’s just I have taste and am getting older, but still.. that is nonsense.

That being said… I LOVE this song. Not the other remixes, just THIS song and Raheem DeVaughn has done much to restore my faith in male R&B… and I had pretty much given up hope. Real rap. 🙂

It just goes to show you: An artist of such quality slipped under my radar, even though shit like the ‘original’ version of the song no doubt hopped and skipped its way up some kinda chart, and I NEVER EVEN HEARD THE ORIGINAL BEFORE TONIGHT (and I didn’t even finish listening to it).

They need to give Raheem DeVaughn some awards…

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