May 23, 2024

I am having a moment.

I just opened the door and suddenly realised, “Dayo! You’re taller!” Immediately followed by the internal thought, “When is he going to slow down on this tall shit?”

“Not only that, there’s something growing out of my chin,” he deadpans.

“You lie! Show me!”

And yes, there is a single longish chin hair growing from his face.

I want to fucking cry, but I feel weird. My face is hot. My emotions are racing all over the place. I want to fucking cry. But I can’t.


(That could be fair?)

I just had a baby boy and there is a man in my house.

I think I’m going to have a glass of Baileys tonight.

The Next Day

I startled out of my sleep at 6:23.

I had no idea if it was AM or PM and the house was so quiet and outside was looking funny.

I lay there thinking, “Did Dayo come home from school? Why is it so quiet?”

“Is it Monday or Tuesday?”

“Is it a bank holiday or is it a school day?”

I go and look outside. No Dayo.

I open the front door. No Dayo.

“But he would have woken me up if he came home from school and I was still sleeping.”

I start to feel a little panicky. I’m about to pull on my clothes and walk to his school to find out where my child is.

I head to his room to double check and there he is. Like a bug in a rug.

My relief was so great, I didn’t even process anything other than he was safe.

“Oh goodness, I thought you were lost. I was so ready to go look for you… I was seconds from going.”

“Alexa, what time is it?” Dayo asks, rubbing my back as I laid next to him, just so relieved.

“It’s 6.26am,” Alexa responds.

“I thought it was 6.30pm and something had happened to you,” I said.

“You think it was that second shot of Baileys that did it?”

Me: 😒 No.

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