May 23, 2024

I walk into the bodega and place my order.

Dude watches me out of the corner of his eye for a second, then “Are you related to Mansa?”

The water sprung out my eyes and I choked up. I’d been thinking about and talking about him mere hours earlier.

“That’s my daddy.”

He said, “You sure resemble him bad.”

I smiled through the eye water and said, “So I’ve been told.”

“What about your brother?”

Fresh eye water popped out, and my heart squeezed even harder, “Yeah, he died too.”

End result is the dude is going to come and get me and take me to find my older brother who I haven’t seen in four years.

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Miko Bey

Mermaid, Priest, N’Ganga chaNjuzu, Hekait, Dos Aguas, Apetebii, Mama, artist, writer, web dev, HD Projector, Ravenclaw, NEURODIVERSE 🇹🇹🇧🇧🇻🇪🇬🇧

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