May 23, 2024

When my mother physically attacked me in 2011, one week before my 37th birthday, the trigger was me calling her a hypocrite. Funny how malignant narcissists really don’t like that.

Her face changed like you see in movies or television where CGI is employed.

The actual shape of her face took on new dimensions… her forehead grew a ridge across her brow and swelled, her jaw grew wider and jutted out, her eyes grew dark (no whites) and her entire head turned a darkish green almost black.

I saw her teeth grow, especially her eye teeth. I saw the ripple of what looked like scales under her skin.

She punched me in the head and my arm shot out to push her away from me.

I was TERRIFIED. I tried to run, but she grabbed my hair (at the time a foot and a half of dreadlocks) pulled me to the ground and began to kick me and pound on my back.

My four year old (at the time) heard me screaming and he ran and threw himself on her.

”Don’t hurt my Mummy! Don’t hurt her!”

My ‘mother’ looked down at him with those black eyes and slowly raised her hand and backhanded him into the wall.

In that moment, when my baby’s feet left the ground and his little body bounced of the wall and hit the ground, a switch went on in me. I realized for the first time what I had been battling my whole life.

I leapt forward, covered him with my body while my ‘mother’ continued to kick and pound on me without mercy.

Ignoring every blow, I pushed my baby down under my body and between my legs to get him behind me. I grabbed his arm to keep him close, and stood up with me between her and him, and immediately shouted, “You hit him!”

The demon in her face looked at me coldly and said, “I never touched him.”

This was the last thing I said to her. In the three days after this incident, she hit him again with a chain and put a hot pressing iron on his leg in the two unguarded moments I couldn’t manage to contain.

I grey rocked for ten days, I got incredible support, found somewhere to go and have been almost totally No Contact for 12 years.

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Miko Bey

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