May 23, 2024

I am still here, but in a massive amount of flux. I have pond jumped, am in open warfare with a supervillain, and managing and processing bureaucrats and flying monkeys.

I am about to go get dressed (in shades of red and pink Chucks) to go bury my best friend’s father and glare her greatest abuser in the eye.

I constrain myself… because her daughters are old enough to decide how to handle this and I must follow their lead.

I am trying to find some calm and serenity. I must represent my sister now gone, but I will not and cannot sublimate my remaining fury that she never got any justice.

I find my overall fury over the treatment of women and girls doesn’t abate into gentleness and calm. The older I get, it’s the more furious I seem to get.

I loathe this system of male supremacy and oppression. I also cannot shut up about its evils and the automatons that populate, propagate, proselytize and promulgate it.

Modern patriarchy and the ongoing abuse of everyone and everything become like so much quack to me; the dying throes of a beast poisoned by its own bile.

I find my fury hard to set aside…

But I will dig deep and really try not to out-cunt anyone today.

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Miko Bey

Mermaid, Priest, N’Ganga chaNjuzu, Hekait, Dos Aguas, Apetebii, Mama, artist, writer, web dev, HD Projector, Ravenclaw, NEURODIVERSE 🇹🇹🇧🇧🇻🇪🇬🇧

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