May 23, 2024

Dayo when I showed him this pic (with adoration in his voice): Mami, how could you not have been the golden child in this family? You’re so beautiful… way prettier than Lelia as a baby.

Me: Wait… what? (Has always thought of myself as less beautiful or pretty than her, but am glad I wasn’t the golden child. Scapegoat I may have been, but I haven’t lost my soul.)

Photo of Me… about two years old. So around 1976 or 1977. This photo hung on the wall of my grandmother’s bedroom for decades. My little half Venezuelan Trinidadian self.

Munequita Linda

A veces escucho

Un eco divino

Que envuelto en la brisa

Parece decir

Si te quiero mucho

Mucho mucho mucho

Tanto como entonces

Siempre hasta morir

(sometimes i hear

a divine echo

that wrapped in the breeze

seems to say

yes i love you so much

A lot a lot a lot

as much as then

always until death)


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