May 24, 2024

Something is happening.

Yes, yes, yes.

I’ve been tingling more and more.

It happens when I pray; it happens sometimes when I least expect it.

I think my soul is moving past something… and it’s manifesting itself as physical tingling.

It’s sweet and wonderful and for the first time in weeks I don’t really feel alone or isolated. I am not alone. To really realise that on a deep personal level is a gift to yourself that shouldn’t be underestimated. There is great power in feeling accompanied.

There’s some kind of energy opening to me and I am feeling it, feeling it. It’s been getting stronger and stronger.

So I’m starting to look upon my recent experiences as growing pains.

I am going back to covering my head, and I am going to have to start cooking for myself. My head is too open and I am picking up too many stary vibes.

I also have to hurry and get out of this house. There is something negative here I think and I am going to go on ahead and go on ahead, y’know.

My brother and I are trying to work on a lot of the emotional issues but it is hard going. We have a lot of trouble talking to one another, which I think is half the problem; we need to talk WITH one another. But at least we are trying. I notice that we haven’t stopped talking no matter who else has. Also, it’s kind of weird that people don’t think we get along when we are so hard to separate. We love each other deeply, we just shouldn’t be living together. Silly rabbit.

I worked real hard the last couple of nights so I could finish my work on time, so I can go and watch Matrix Reloaded tomorrow. However, I am still going to have to pass through in the morning and finish up a few minor details (Damnit!), but when I go I want to have a clear conscience when I do. I plan to have a blast, twice in one day!

Okay… that’s my day. I’m too fucking tired from hard work and such.

Going to have to get some sleep!!!!

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