May 24, 2024

I am going on vacation from this Friday.

Lawd oi! I can’t tell you what three weeks away from this place is going to do for me.

I am dead serious.

All of a sudden, my colour is coming back, I’m dancing and singing again. I am trying not to stay up as late at night, but it’s been so long, my body is taking it’s time to get back to a ‘normal’ rhythm.

My good news today is that I am going on vacation this Friday. You cannot imagine how relieved I am to have a break from the grind. I am not cut out for 9-5ving…. I have to face this.

I want more for myself than the mundane.. more than the grind.

Anyway, I am looking to generate a chunk of revenue from this ‘vacation’. Sunhead, my company has been sorely neglected by this move to Trinidad, and as good as the experience has been, I really need to get back to building my wealth. Those bees are there for inspiration, I told ya! You have to work hard for what you want.

Lemme tell ya, I want a new iPod so bad I can taste it in the back of my throat. Have you seen them?


Isn’t that just beautiful? I could get used to 10, 000 songs in my moving world.

And look what I can get for it:


It’s a bag my iPod plugs into! Ha! Ha! I am such a tech slut! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Have to do everything in style, chile… always in style. Hee Hee.

I need to upgrade, it’s been almost eighteen months! It’s time for an evolution in any case. So I need to work on getting a new Mac and some new gear, I’m hoping I can use my time in Barbados to help me do that.

I think it’s doable.

Besides, the great luxury is not having to get up to go to ‘work’. I am going to be glad to get away from it and working for ME!

Besides, my mother is going to stuff me full of food, or make a valiant attempt I’m sure. Plus I’ll get to hang with my cousin and lime with my friends up there. I am going to make sure I have a blast.

Maybe I’ll get some good sex, who knows, we’ll see.

I’m going out to prowl on Saturday night, ask bluey, we going on a cruise. I’m looking forward to it.

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