May 27, 2024

Now, some of you don’t know this, but I am a make up freak!

I have a three level make up case, eye shadows, lipstick, foundations, concealers, the works.

This trip to Bim garnered a serious addition to my collection. The official list:


1. Wet/Dry foundation in the shade of toast

2. Every Lash mascara (curling)

3. Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor (On-Going Flame)

4. Colorstay Timeliner for Lip Liner (Blackberry)

5. Colorstay Timeliner for Lip Liner (Plum Wine)

6. Colorstay Eyeliner (Black/Noir)

7. Illuminance Cream Shadow SunSparks

8. Illuminance Cream Shadow Va Va Bloom

9. Illuminance Cream Shadow Skinlights

10. Beauty Shapers Mini Brush Set (blush/powder brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush , eyebrow, eyebrow tweezers and an AMAZING eye lash curler in a sweet little black case.)


Now prior to this, my make up case was not closing, and the only way I could get it to work was to give my mother as many of my cheap lipsticks as I could and seriously organise and repack my case.

I had always loved makeup and nailpolish as a teenager, but just went through some terrible shit as a teenager and lost interest in being pretty. Lost interest in drawing any kind of attention to myself as a beautiful woman.

For such a long time I was not into the girly girl, but from the day my friend at work showed me about lip liners and lipstick I was hooked.

Now I am the original Diva! Ask DivaGirl about me. Read this post in Tribe Life: makeup, make up and more make up or this one Lipstick Recommendation List – Feel free to add your own or this one for that matter Pseudo hot-girl or Genuine?…. you’ll see what I mean.

Do I think this is a bad thing? No I do not.

When I go back to Trinidad, I am going to take a make up artists course because I just love the stuff.

I love high heels and perfume and acrylic tips. I love being part of a race (the human race) that allows us to plume and dolly up, just because…. I think men lose out so much it ain’t funny.

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