May 24, 2024

shamelessly pilfered from Confessions of a drama junkie

  • last cigarette: two days ago
  • last car ride: Friday night
  • last kiss: one month ago
  • last good cry: one week ago
  • last library book checked out: good grief, I buy books, don’t do the library.
  • last movie seen: Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions back to back in Presidente cinema, San Juan, Trinidad
  • last book read: reading Lord of the Rings for the eight time.
  • last cuss word uttered: fuck
  • last food consumed: bread and cheese
  • last crush: repugnant now in hindsight, but six months ago
  • last phone call: my Godmother
  • last tv show watched: Star Trek (original)
  • last time showered: last night
  • last shoes worn: leather sandals bought in the ‘new’ Temple Yard, Barbados
  • last cd played: Supa Dupa Fly, Missy Elliot
  • last item bought: liberation
  • last downloaded: mambo components
  • last annoyance: dealing with co-dependent beings
  • last disappointment: realizing that someone I considered a good friend was not
  • last soda drank: 7 UP
  • last thing written: blog entry for
  • last key used: front door key
  • last words spoken: “I’ll call you Monday.”  
  • last sleep: six years ago
  • last im: week or two
  • last weird encounter: in the Sea with the five little fish keeping me company.
  • last ice cream eaten: two weeks ago
  • last time amused: the last time I hung out with my my brother and his step-daughter
  • last time wanting to die: age 22
  • last time in love: truly it’s been almost thirteen years
  • last time hugged: one month ago
  • last time scolded: two months ago (by my Godmother)
  • last chair sat in: three days ago
  • last shirt worn: the one I’m in now
  • last time dancing: October some time,; Club Xtreme with monilove23 et al…
  • last poster looked at: LOTR: Return of the King
  • last show attended: The Sengalese Ballet on Emancipation night…
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