May 24, 2024

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had*

1. More Money

2. Regular High-Quality Sex

3. A job that satisfied me

4. A new computer and new iPod

*Name Four Scents You Love*

1. L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake

2. Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden

3. Obsession by Calvin Klein

4. Contradiction by Clavin Klein

*You’d Never Wear in Public*

1. Spandex

2. Stripes

3. Polka Dots

4. Stockings

*Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now*

1. My future

2. My life

3. My family

4. Lord of The Rings: Return of The King

*Name Four Things That You Have Done Today*

1. washed the dishes

2. made coffee

3. talked with my mother

4. answered this questionnaire

*Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought*

1. Pale green linen dress

2. Beige skirt suit (full skirt, with a cute little top)

3. Creamy yellow skirt (full length drop almost to the floor)

4. White full length dress (With panel that drapes over and falls to hemline)

*Name Four Bands/Groups Most People Don’t Know You Like*

1. Live

2. Sweet Honey In The Rock

3. Sarah Vaughan

4. Indigo Girls

*Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink*

1. Coffee

2. Water

3. Sprite

4. Juice

  • *Montessori School Teacher’s Name? – Mrs. Yearwood
  • *Last Words You Said: – “See ya.”
  • *Last Song You Sang? – “Milkshake” Kelis
  • *Last Person You Hugged? – my mother last night, while I told her how happpy I was to be able to pay for my own shit.
  • *Last Thing You Laughed At? – blog post (smotlock’s review of Return of the King)
  • *Last Time You Cried? – truly, when I fell and broke my arm
  • *What’s In Your CD Player? -Kelis “Tasty”
  • *What Color Socks Are You Wearing? – don’t really do socks.
  • *What’s Under Your Bed? – dust I suppose
  • *What Time Did You Wake Up Today? – 7.30am
  • *Current Taste? – vanilla
  • *Current Hair? – uh, shoulder length blonde dreadlocks
  • *Current Clothes? – ratty housedress
  • *Current Longing? – to be sleeping
  • *Current 93? – say what?
  • *Current Worry? – money in January
  • *Current Hate? – nothing
  • *Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? – lips, hands
  • *Last CD You Bought? – Tasty — Kelis
  • *Favorite Place To Be? – river
  • *Least Favorite Place? – work
  • *Time You Wake Up In The Morning? – varies
  • *If You Could Play An Instrument? – violin
  • *Favorite Color? – purple or yellow or navy blue
  • *How Tall Are You? – 5’21/2″
  • *Current Favorite Word/Saying? – “Seen”
  • *Favorite Season? – rainy season
  • *One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To: – Thad
  • Favorite Day? – any day I get to sleep in late
  • *Where Would You Like To Go? – New Zealand or Hawaii Islands
  • *What Is Your Career Going To Be Like? – profitable
  • *How Many Kids Do You Want? – 2
  • *Favorite Car? – H2 (Hummer)
  • *A Random Lyric: – “I be your water, I be your land, I be your everything, I be your friend, I be your water, when you’re thirsty and dry.” — I Be Your Water — Sweet Honey In The Rock, from “In This Land”
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