May 21, 2024

I miss sex. There, I’ve admitted it. It’s been such a disappointing 2003 where that was concerned. Not because what sex I did have wasn’t good–well there was this one time that was pitiful, but let’s not talk about that–it was that there was so little of it. That, and the emotional fallout from it was a bitch.

I need some really good, hard, riding. I miss cock, and sweat, and sucking and being sucked… the works. I have been almost relentlessly horny for months and months. That in itself is a new experience.

Horniness for me in the past was this tolerable thing, something that never caused me to break a sweat about going long periods without it. However, I find that in the last year, my body has woken up in ways I didn’t think were possible for me. However, it happpened, and I won’t try to validate or over explain it. It’s there, it exists. I would like to become someone’s fuck bunny.

My problem is of course, is that I don”t want to be the fuck bunny of just anyone. :sigh:

I think though, horniness aside, I am probably likely to backslide for a bit.

I say that meaning, my ex from Bim called me and expressed longing for me. I have been thinking about him for a couple of weeks too, missing his company, his heat and his friendship. It’s weird that he called when he did. The problem with us was that he was afraid of my sexual power, but he loved me all the same.

He called me yesterday evening and told that he jerked off thinking about licking my pussy and fucking me, seeing me writhe against a backdrop in his mind. He masturbated and thought and how much he loved me. You must understand, I wanted to marry him at one point. Was willing to work things out between us, even after all that bullshit with, err… ‘Sweet Thing’ started.

“Come and visit for a weekend. Just a weekend. You can fuck me for real.” I said, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it to.

“If I come, I ain’t going to ever leave.” He groaned.

“Just come for the weekend.”

“I’ll see if I can plan it.” He said reluctantly.

“Why is it so hard for you. What are you holding back?” I asked.

The killer. It’s been almost a year since we broke up, and he’s seeing someone. Hmmm…

“For me to come there, I’m going to have to hurt someone here.” He said.

Hmmm… indeed.

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