May 24, 2024

Yesterday I was starting to feel less flu addled, and I jumped up and ran down to The Croisee. I went to get some money, but more important I wanted to get the makings of Sunday lunch: chicken parts, vegetables, fresh seasoning and such. I was dying for some zaboca (avocado) but it’s out of season, so even my best hopes and earnest desire was futile, there was none in the market to be had.

When I got up, I was feeling flu-ish again, so my brother started working on the meal while I collapsed on my bed. It was a light hearted Sunday. Except, that we discovered the night before, that someone had put their hand through the spare room that my brother et al, are sleeping in, and stole my brother’s girlfriend’s cell phone and several of the Gameboy catridges. Keef’s 2nd daughter was so upset. I tried to tell her that they’re just things, and could be replaced, not to feel bad. She seemed to perk up after our little talk, and to cheer up everybody, a ‘bat ball’ game of cricket was hatched and my brother insisted even the most busted up hand, flu-ish, ‘can’t-see-anything’, sad hearted, bandy ass people in the house, had to come out into the sunshine and play. No protestations allowed!

My brother’s girlfriend was silly mid-off, a position I eventually usurped because it was the only one in the shade; keifel’s second born daughter was first up to pitch, and my brother the first to bat. The baby was silly mid on, and my brother’s girlfriend ended up being the wicket keeper, except there weren’t any wickets. Remember, this is a ‘bat ball’ game of cricket. Almost all the positions were rotated, and see everyone swallowing laughter because, the baby, who was fielding in ‘silly mid on’ position, and was up to bat, hit the ball, dropped the bat and was heading off to field the ball as well. Then Samba, the cat who recently acquired us all, was in on the game too… chasing the ball and running around with us on the tiny strip of grass/lawn my superintendent planted late last year.

Anyhoo, it was insisted that I bowl after I refused to touch the four foot, one inch thick piece of wood being used at the bat, looked treacherous to my shoulder and elbow. So I bowled to the baby, who did remarkably well, glowing with pride, after she hit quite a few balls (all very well aimed at the ‘bat’ by the wonderful Auntie ndela.) After that, I insisted “All this fresh air and sunshine has to stop. G’bye!”

Lunch was stellar. My only complaint was I would have liked some plantain and sweet potato, but I couldn’t afford anything more when I was in the market. The chicken was red brown, and the meat slipped off the bone and melted in the mouth. I loved it, I went back for more.

My brother and I, while we don’t do well up under each other, really are best friends. Yesterday, I could see he wanted to do something with all his ‘womens’ for fun. He’s also really good with the girls, so I’m not vex with him. My frustration last week, although quite grounded in what is going on, was hopefully a passing thing. My brother is a little insensitive when it comes to me, but then I am a little insensitive when it comes to him, so I guess we’re even.

Never mind that he smoked out all my cigarettes yesterday, this morning I got up and heard him on the phone calling people about their ads in yesterday’s paper about apartments and such.

So, while I may bitch about wanting my space back, and I do, there is much to enjoy by having people around, and I shall miss one and all when they go.

So I want my apartment back, but there is much I enjoy about my brother’s company.

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