May 27, 2024

So, here I am, heading into a month of anniversaries.

Let me share today’s anniversary with you. Today is one year since PHG/ImFuckingFedUp had sex. It’s also one year since I’ve been working on the project I have at work.

In just under two weeks, I’ll be 30 and this blog will be one year old on April 29. There are other birthday’s and celebration.

I forgot two of my god daughter’s birthday’s… I was dog sick. I had the worst pms pain this month. I was in agony for more than a week.

So this month, there will be a lot of reminiscing and reaching out going on.

A lot of folks around here on JS made New Year’s resolutions, lists of their favourite blog posts, shout outs to their blogrolls, and various other retrospective posting back in January when the New Year came in. At the time, I posted that I would wait until my birthday before I did those things, and well here it is…. my Month of Anniversaries.

So expect all kinds of sentimental and reflection on blogging, blog life, my birthday and of course, you know Birthday news and updates. I want a Winnie-the-Pooh cake!! I want to have a huge chocolate cake with Winnie-the-Pooh on it! That’s the cake I got for my 27th birthday! I want it again! (Okay, I still have a Winnie-the-Pooh thing!)

I’m putting the deposit on the house in Blanchisseuse, so Big Mami’s Big 30, All Sci Fi Weekend is on. Many people have said they’re coming, so I’m looking forward to it.

It’s also a me, coming to grips with being in my 30s for real. Shit. I know all the stress and shit I’ve been slogging through has been a part of this turning 30…. Saturn’s last cut ass before the tension breaks, the sun comes up, light explodes across vision.

I am so active right now, I can’t begin to explain to you. Work is coming at me from all directions, and I’ve been working hard on all kinds of things. I am also on a serious book consumption drive. I’ve been reading and reading and reading. It’s not an unusual state, I’m always reading something. However, this is different. I’m absorbing books. Reading long works in one or two days, two and three of them at a time. I am inhaling information right now. It’s a steady diet of history, literature, speculative fiction and metaphysics.

I am intensely curious about a great many things right now, and I am allowing my curiosity free reign.

So expect varied and odd posts…. have fun! I will.

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