May 21, 2024

syciano, sistagal? Where ever you are on earth, my thoughts, prayers and best wishes for all good things due you, beauty, strength, abundance and healing, go out to the Universe.

I sing to all my healing mothers to surround you, strengthen you and fortify you with the knowledge that you are not alone.

You are a child of beauty, all my sisters are. Do not cry for more than your soul’s need to unburden itself of weight and fear, for pressure is made for water taps and tires, baby, not for human beings.

I am with you in spirit. The energies of love and beauty are with you. You become like a little pebble, and let the water’s rush, be it gentle and flowing, trickling past, or the torrent that rips you loose from all the comfortable mud you have surrounded yourself in. You will settle somewhere, and you will continue to exist, even if you break apart. You will be smoothed whole.

We are with you! The strength of all the women that brought forth all the magnificence and tragedy of mankind; we who invented joy, pleasure, healing and suffer to bring it forward, are with you.

Do not fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real, and you are stronger than you think! Fear is the mind killer. Find your warrior’s heart sweet girl. Get up on your horse and ride… sword in hand and cut away all that hampers you and hold you back.

We are fighting beside you.

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