May 27, 2024

I dreamt of YMK last night.

My cousin oyasdawta was there, and we were hired to do some work for someone.

While we were waiting for the person who hired us to come and give us instructions, another group of people showed up and YMK was among them.

At first, there was no opportunity to talk. The the boss-fella came and we had to go start to work. However, we kept stealing glances at one another.

I kept telling Oyadele that I was freaking out, because it had been a long, long time since we had seen each other. She kept telling me to be cool.

Later, we were on a roof on top of a skyscraper, the sky was spread out above us, blue and clear.

He came up to me and said hello, and I responded. He seemed as nervous as me, tentative, probing.

He started to talk to me… but I don’t remember anything he said.



Seems to me, this thing is not nearly over.

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