May 24, 2024

One of my JS favourites wrote me this morning and asked me to review the first single from his band’s debut album.

Wrote a story about it, wanna hear it? Here it goes:

Similarly Inclined by Ist

Freudian Corduroy

What struck me first about this single is the Caribbean sound. It may not have been intentional, but the it’s the brass, the guitar licks, and the phrasing both verbal and instrumental that makes this reviewer harken to home.

The brass, with it’s marvellous intonation, could have been taken from some classic calypso tune from the 50s or 60s, maybe even as late as the 70s or some nicely grinding Latin-flavoured business from any era. The guitar licks could be something the Wailer’s did in the early days. The combination makes for something interesting I’ve never heard before. It has both a classical and contemporary feel.

By far, the brass is one of the most interesting aspects of the song, for rarely does one hear such in this kind of music. Being a fan of big brass, I really enjoyed this element the most and particularly liked the vocal pacing and phrasing of the singer.

Speaking of ‘kind of music’: Being this review was by invite, for a band about to release its debut and from an area I’m not physically located, thus never hearing them play live, I find myself in the difficult task of ‘placing’ this music. I am happy to report that I cannot. Genre bending music is ever my favourite ‘kind of music’ and this band certainly bends the tried and true, and steps beyond the formulaic.

Lyrically, I found myself smiling. Not because the lyrics are necessarily satirical, although there is sarcasm enough, but because I indentified with the sentiments expressed. Maybe it’s just the moment in time I find myself. ‘Can’t judge a single thing you do; Given half the chance I’d do the same thing too.’

After repeated listenings, this song is creating the need to find this band’s next gig and show up with some kind of posse to lime and dance. Shucks, I want to hear the whole album now.

To read more about the band, go here. To read more about kentonist go here. To listen to the single, go here.

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