May 23, 2024

I had to add this one, since on one of the many, many, many online fourms I participate in, I recently asked a question about the comparisons and differences between Tarot and Meridologun as divination tools.

First off, there is no way to compare the two. I see Tarot as a method of mapping one’s interior spaces, where as meridilogun is about communicating with Orisas, Ancestors within the tradtional Yoruba spiritual system.

Both are divination systems, but the differences are more than just one is with cards and one is with shells or the opele.

Of Tarot, Dilogun, and Incarnated Beings. This is a fascinating thread in Aeclectic Tarot Forums, about the contrasting elements of divination done using the two systems.

Tarot And Dilogun Insights into Both Arts, is another interesting article on it over at VOICE OF THOTH.

Both are well worth reading if you are interested in either Tarot, or Ifa divination.

I also recommend reading, The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore by Cynthia Giles, which is a marvellous introduction to what is known about Tarot, what it is and what it is not.

I particularly liked her ideas about Tarot and Chaos Theory, as well as her references to archetypes a la Carl Jung.

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