May 23, 2024

Last night I dreamt I was in Barbados and got paid for a job, ¬†$1500, and right after I bought a Mini One from a friend for the exact price. I was so pleased, and I was staying at my mother’s house, and I drove all around the neighbourhood driving my new car.

The somehow I had to leave Barbados, and wanted to take the car with me. I drove it onto some kind of air bus, and took it back with me, whereever it was that I was going. I want to say England, but it felt more like South Virginia, with red double decker buses.

So I could drive this car everywhere, and I parked it somewhere and caught the bus. I caught several buses to get to my location, which was some kind of camp or school for children.

When I got there, I felt I wanted to get my car, and when I looked up, my cousin (the one I’m staying with) was right there as well.

He and a friend of his, someone dressed in a shirt with Winnie-the-Pooh on it, unbuttoned down the middle, and with an inside shirt of either Tweety Bird, or some other yellow cartoonish character ¬†inside, dark shades so you couldn’t see his eyes, and a funky hat, offered to take me to my car and one of them would drive back with me.

So off we went to get my car. We drove back, and my cousin sat in the front seat. When I asked him what he thought of my car, he said it alright, kind of nice, but in typical fashion he wasn’t too effusive about it.

When I got back to the camp/school, there was either a movie or a performance of some kind about to start. I think his kids were there, but I can’t be sure. Maybe they were there and didn’t look like the way they are in real life (which is common in dreams).

I think somehow I was the ‘leader’ of this group, like the grown up in charge. So I found myself talking to the group for a moment, before sitting down so the show could start.

After it got going, and the children were into it, having fun and shouting, I heard my cousin’s voice and turned around to look. He was right there with the kids, shouting and enjoying himself, up between a couple of them with one of his hands raised above his head.

In the dream I thought, look how all that age just melted off his face.

Then I woke up.


Dream Dictionary on cars…, on cousins, on children and on buses

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