May 21, 2024

The "Year of the Blues" has come and gone, and the Tommy Johnson Memorial, paid for by Ms. Bonnie Raitt, has remained on display at the Public Library, in mute testimony to the true history of Mississippi's racial nullification, failure and neglect.

The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson is asking that any  all groups or individuals who would like to support the effort to place Tommy Johnson's headstone on his grave and to re-open this historic cemetery please write

Governor Haley Barbour

P.O. Box 139

Jackson, MS 39205

And demand that the State of Mississippi intervene immediately to correct this moral wrong and to finally do something honorable to get right with the Blues.

Skip Henderson

Butch Ruth

For more information please contact: Skip Henderson, P.O. Box 3872, New Orleans, La. 70177 or email:


Here is a complete list of people to contact.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

P.O. Box 139

Jackson, MS 39205

Phone: 601.359.3150

Fax: 601.359.3741

Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Amy Tuck

P.O. Box 1018

Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: (601)359-3200

Fax: (601)359-4054

State Representatives Link

(click on membership roster for contact information)

State Senate Roster Link

(click on membership roster for contact information)

Mississippi Government Homepage

Mississippi Development Authority/ Division of Tourism

Mollie Gregory

P. O. Box 849

Jackson, MS 39205

Phone 601.359.3297

Mississippi Arts Commission

Tim Hedgepeth, Executive Director

239 North Lamar Street, Suite 207

Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Phone: 601-359-6030

TDD: 800-582-2233

Fax: 601-359-6008

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

3825 Ridgewood Road

Jackson, MS 39211

(Voice) 601-432-6565

(Voice) 1-800-922-9698

(Fax) 601-432-6654

Contact page

Executive Director:

Marie Antoon

Director of Content Development:

Gene Edwards

Arts and Cultural Programming:

William Fulton

News and Public Affairs:

Dick Rizzo


Bob Holland

Source: alt.religion.orisha


Three years after The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson unveiled a headstone memorial in Crystal Springs, in 2001, the 600 lb., beautifully engraved, granite slab still sits in the Crystal Springs Library, miles from the cemetery where Johnson is buried.

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors, charged by law with

maintaining the Warm Springs Methodist Cemetery because of its official historic status, has denied all access to the cemetery where dozens of African American grave sites are located, by refusing to reclaim a road which was “given” to a local farmer under dubious legal circumstances.

For the last three years the Mount Zion Memorial Fund has worked with Vera Johnson Collins, Tommy Johnson’s niece, through a series of legal roadblocks and  delays and the State of Mississippi, fully aware of the situation, has done absolutely nothing.

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