May 27, 2024

Yes… I am still alive.

I am in Clacton… oh yes, I am in Clacton. Wrote something long and lovely and put it in my pocket darlings, but there’s no port here I can use.

Working on getting stuff together… but I am alright. Will resume normal communications when all is settled, and AOL accepts my modem’s handshake and authentication…

Please keep the prayers and good vibes coming.

Bluemoaner, Blackgypsy, I’m working on your templates (I think they look phat!)

Eyaniev, please send me better pics and I’ll work on yours too. I have a job working at a book packing plant next week. Minimum wage, no doubt, but it helps… also there’s a big sale at Christmas and a regular employees discount and I get to spend all day in a huge building with stacks and stacks of books, reeking delightfully of new paper and newly dried ink. Certainly a side of the publishing industry I am yet to experience.

Please ya’ll, keep praying for me…

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