May 24, 2024

There is something that is much more scarce,

something rarer than ability.

It is the ability to recognize ability.

– Robert Half

Doing easily what others find difficult

is talent;

doing what is impossible for talent

is genius.

– Henri-Frederic Amiel

To be able to look back

upon ones life in satisfaction,

is to live twice.

– Kahlil Gibran

Love is blind;

friendship closes its eyes.

– Proverb

Footprints on the sands of time

are not made by sitting down.

– Proverb

One never notices

what has been done;

one can only see

what remains to be done.

– Marie Curie

Better three hours too soon,

than one minute too late.

– William Shakespeare

Any coward can fight a battle

when he’s sure of winning;

but give me the man who has

the pluck to fight

when he’s sure of losing.

– George Eliot

There are two things to aim at in life:

first to get what you want;

and after that, to enjoy it.

– Logan Pearsall Smith

The man who makes no mistakes

does not usually make anything.

– Bishop W.C. Magee

Many of life’s failures are people

who did not realize how close they were

to success when they gave up.

– Thomas Edison

All things at first appear difficult.

– Chinese Proverb

Happiness is a perfume

you cannot pour on others

without getting a few drops

on yourself.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

A leader is one who

knows the way,

goes the way,

and shows the way.

– John C. Maxwell

It’s what you learn

after you know it all

that counts.

– John Wooden

It is the province of knowledge

to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom

to listen.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes


And some horoscopes:


You will not accept a new duty as it is not falling under your competence, but your superior will try to force you. In love, he/she will complain because you are not paying enough attention to him/her. Tip: try to be compliant.

Don’t even think about sitting still, and don’t promise your companion that you will. You’ll be even more high-energy than usual, which is really saying something. You’ll find a productive outlet for all that energy. Just use your imagination.

Aries Horoscope for week of December 16, 2004

In 1874, a fire broke out in an underground coalfield in western China. It burned nonstop until 2004, when firefighters finally squelched it. In the intervening 130 years, 200 million tons of fuel went to waste, spewing out copious amounts of polluting gases. I nominate the denouement of this long-running drama to serve as your personal metaphor for early 2005. In January and February, you will finally douse a smoldering inner fire that has been a poor use of your ambition. This will set the stage for a fresh start. No later than your birthday, you will ignite a new blaze that’s both more efficient and more worthy of you.

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