May 24, 2024

In the dream I was in a triangular house, with windows on either wall and a door in the other.

Through one window, you could see the sea, through the other a river.

I was not alone. An older woman in white was sitting in a high backed chair, and my ‘friend’ was there as well. The older woman in white had POWER, I could feel it emanating from her, but she was completely calm and serene. Not moving, not talking, just looking out of the window from time to time and watching me and my ‘friend’.

My ‘friend’ and I were talking and she (my ‘friend’) was exhibiting the same sourness that she’s been treating me with since I came England; lecturing me about my life, and bossing me around.

I was quiet and said very little, like I have been doing since all this shit started between us.

At some point, I just snapped.

“Look, you just stop fucking patronising me!” I snapped at my ‘friend’.

Then I proceeded to give my ‘friend’ a piece of my mind. She was so shocked, her mouth dropped open and she just stared at me. I wasn’t unkind, I wasn’t mean-spirited, but I really gave her a piece of my mind and my mouth.

The woman in white looked on, said nothing, but then smiled and nodded.


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