May 27, 2024

The flat hunt continues… but as yet there is nothing to report.

Hoping to find somewhere and move in by this weekend, so some prayers and good vibes sent my way on this would be great.

I have very little to report today, as there is so little actually happening. Beyond the flat hunting, there is no animal sex to describe, no financial windfall to crow about… nada. My life is a little dull right now.

I have though, been indulging in some movie watching and avid book consumption. I read both of Colin Channer’s novels, “Waiting In Vain” and “Satisfy My SOul” in four days, (‘Satisfy’ in 24hrs.) Both were good reads, and I was moved by the characters, in that to read a uniquely West Indian story and characters being presented in an unvarnished way was wonderful. Channer is a dread literary writer, and his sentence construction is lush and redolent with the smell that is unique to the Caribbean, both the scents conjured and those remembered.

I must admit, I’ve been an admirer of Mr. Channer through his work with the Calabash Literary Festival, which I pushed heavily in the pages of the last project I worked on, and have the PDF pages to prove it. I had read he had written some published work, but in the Caribbean, it is often difficult to get one’s hands on books because of the way distribution is set up.

I had actually never seen any of his books to buy. It is only when I came to England, and in particular London, that I started to see more Caribbean writers and more interesting books to delve into.

I’ve become obsessed with reading everything by Isabelle Allende, and have gone through at least five or six books by her in the last two or three months.

But I digress. Mr. Channer impressed. See he’s done a collection of intertwined stories, “Passing Through” that I plan to hunt down sometime this weekend.

He writes the kind of stories I identify with, and truth be told, the kind of stories I’d like to write. Quite often I found myself thinking, he’s written what I wanted to read… what I wanted to write.

Find these two books and read them!

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