May 27, 2024

The joy of the iPod is for me, being able to include so much sublime music in my life.

To be able to discover and rediscover all the music and types of music that have accompanied me all my life. It’s like chunks of my memory that have been hard wired with a soundtrack that I visit every day.

Songs and artists, whole albums that I have loved in the past, I can seep down into once again.

New music, new sounds… I am stumbling over and finding myself amazed that this passed me by for so long. I am building a serious Miles Davis collection. That bad motherfucker…. My first obsessive love, Bob Marley & The Wailers…. I am playing and playing again.

My discovery of Orishas (Cubano hip hop dudes) of Anthony Hamilton (lawd, lawd) have made me believe that in this music market crowded by trite silly ass rubbish, there are young people making quality material out there.

The music of my faith accompany every day and form a big part of my meditation as I ride the bullet to work. The songs for the Orishas, my Mother, my Father… I am learning how to sing for them even as I cut up miles and countryside, fields of safflower and river after river, lake after lake…. cross my Mother’s belly, watching them manifest in the earth and people around me, accompanied by songs of praise. Alafia!!! I sing for them every day.

My brother’s music walks with me. My twin-despite a fifteen month age difference–my musical brother, the writer, the composer… his music is right there with me. My memories of the building of his sound… all there with me, encased in plastic and aluminum.

You know, I know the iPod is a luxury thing… it’s a lot of money for a small little thing. However, the magnitude of what it has added to my life is worth every penny I paid for it.

So much music, so much of my life and it’s connection to songs, artists, sound… all there.

Bliss…. bliss thousands of times.

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