May 27, 2024

Ah was in a mess last night. One set of vomitting and ting… bad, bad cramps in the belly… chile, ah thought ah was goan dead!!! :steuspse: When my stomach had finished disgorging itself, and the cutting pain in my stomach eased. I had just enough energy to collapse in my bed and sleep right through until this morning, oui?

Today is rent day, and the landlord will be here at 11am to collect his rent (FUCKER). I love this little room, but between me and you, I want to get away from this asshole and these draconian ‘rules’ and engineerings to extricate as many ‘fees’ as possible for all kinds of stupid reasons.

Did I tell allyuh about this ‘opening the door if the keys are lost or you’re locked out’ fee? £50. And other equally mercenary tactics. Anyway, it’s a temporary housing arrangement and I knew it…

So the landlord who is sown from dragon’s teeth and I are in for a square off this morning. Except there’s no square off. Fucker, I have his money…. and I ain’t taking no shit today either.

Other than that, right now I am passionate to acquire some bookshelves. I also want to throw away this heavy ass, hideous suit case that I’ve been lugging around for a the last couple of years.

I want to unpack!!! I’ve been living in boxes and suitcases for so long, it’s taking a while for me to get used to the idea of unpacking. To me bookshelves are fundamental. My books are stacked one on top of the other in three high stacks on the floor.

However, it’s back to bed with me as I am unwell and still feeling queasy… it was like The Exorcist in here last night mates…. sad, sad, sad.

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