May 21, 2024
So I#8217ve just gotten back

So I’ve just gotten back from the hospital, where I was kept overnight for observation. As it turns out, during a routine antenatal check up, they discovered a little heart murmur.

They don’t think it’s serious, but rather a combination of me being a carrier of the trait for sickle cell anemia, my increased blood volume (which is expected in pregnancy) and my enlarged uterus due to the fibroid (and of course a nine month old fetus). Apparently my heart is working a little harder than it should and it’s contributing to breathlessness, dizziness and a racing heart.

So after a restless night in the Third World hospital, they did an ECG yesterday, a Echo test today and then they hooked me up to a Holter heart monitor and sent me home. I have nodes stuck to my chest, and this little tape recorder looking thingy strapped around my upper chest. I can’t bathe, but you know, I’m just glad to be home. I hate the hospital, and it was the first time I’ve been hospitalised since I was four or five years old.

I have to go back tomorrow and they’re going to remove it and I guess sometime next week I’ll know what the findings are.

I was scared ya’ll. No joke!

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