May 27, 2024
lj-mood: tired but happylj-mus

lj-mood: tired but happy
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My Pretty Baby
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I’m back from the hospital this morning… I’m exhausted, tired and happy to be home. Most of all, I am happy to post this first photo of my son, Adedayo!

He was born September 5th at 11.12pm, weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 22 inches long! HE WAS HUGE!!! Huge, and so pretty, he’s managed to charm just about everyone he’s met so far.

I know it’s a biased mommy statement, but I think he’s the most beautiful baby in the world. I didn’t expect him to be so cute right away. I thought he’d look like a smooshed alien chicken… but nah, he was adorable from the get go.

Everyone says he looks older than his age… and I tend to agree. No matter, he’s beautiful…

I have been working on my birth story and my experiences in the hospital while I was away, but chile, meh so tired meh cyan even sit up for too long. So I’ll continue to work on it and post it when I can.

In the meantime, enjoy my flickr collection of Dayo, which will no doubt grow exponentially as the days and weeks and months go by.

Thanks to everyone who sent supportive loving comments… I was so touched when I got home and read the messages, I burst into tears and had my mother wondering what had happened. (HAHAHAHA!)

Big Mami gone for now…

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