May 27, 2024
lj-mood: tired but happylj-mus

lj-mood: tired but happy
lj-music: silencio mostly

I know I owe ya’ll a report on the labour, birth, delivery, five night hospital stay, blah blah… I’m working on it. This is just a quick little report about today.

I tried out the Maya Wrap that mamaspeak sent to me a while back. It was hit! Today I decided I was going to go stir crazy if I didn’t get out of the house, and went with my mother to make some groceries.

I was amazed (my favourite pre-pregnancy jeans fit me with ROOM) and the ONE maternity top that I bought literally dwarfed me. Seriously, I don’t look like I gave birth a week and half ago. I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy size, and when I suck in my tummy I’m SMALLER than before I got pregnant. It’s weird… I look at my arms and thighs, and I’ve definitely lost weight.

Anyway, I set up the sling (after a gander at the instruction DVD) and dropped Dayo in there, and lo and behold, my boy dropped to sleep in no time and off we went for our first adventure.

Not only was the Maya Wrap super comfortable, but the baby knocked out and buss some serious sleep in it. He slept almost the entire time we were out.

Bajans now, were amazed. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a baby strapped on to it’s mother. People kept thinking it was a handbag or something… and they kept staring, or outright coming up and going, “How is that baby in there?” or “You ain’t frighten the baby fall out?”


He was great… I bubbled around PriceSmart, SuperCentre and Haggat Hall (what’s the name of the old Julie N now?) and he slept through it all, blissful and I just about busted open with pride, because after they all goggled at the sling, they goggled at Dayo and there’s no doubt about it, my baby is beautiful!

So our first adventure was a success… and the sling is going to get some SERIOUS action in the future.

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