May 21, 2024

When I googled that phrase, “Abundance is a state of mind”, this is one of the results I found. I love the thoughts expressed here, because it’s exactly how I feel…

As for abundance… this time last year I was in a state worried about how I was going to be a mother, to provide for my son, to get where I wanted to go.

Now I know better…

From Abundance is a state of mind –

Prepare the Temple of your being and give thanks for the gifts of life. May abundance be revealed as ever present in your life! Abundance may not always be equated with ‘cash’ but this is a transition… once people realize the real abundance is within our own human capacity, generosity, experience, artistry and skill (and within our ability to give and recieve in harmony with Earth’s resources) the full potential for realizing abundance in all its forms will be unleashed in the lives of many! Money is just one form of exchangable energy. In ‘alternative culture’ it is often scorned as bad or dirty, but infact it is what people do with money that tarnishes it as a pure medium of exchange. This, as all forms of energy, is available to us now in infinite proportions if we invoke it with pure intent. The only limiting factor is one’s imagination (or lack thereof). Positive affirmations may be helpful in allowing the flow of abundance into one’s life. It may also be useful to imagine oneself as a vessel open to receive such energy rather than thinking one has to generate it or go out and ‘get it’. Once again, gratitude is the key!

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