May 21, 2024
lj-mood: tired, tired, tiredlj

lj-mood: tired, tired, tired
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Old GlassesMy son, my son, my son….

: sigh :

My son broke my glasses on Saturday. He’s got “The Grabbies”; grabs everything and anything within his reach, and as I was changing his diaper on Saturday afternoon, he just grabbed them and pulled them off my face. He gripped them tightly and before I knew it, they twisted in an unnatural position. As I attempted to retrieve them, they bent further and ultimately fell in two pieces.

I was pissed as hell. Seriously, it’s the first time I was annoyed by something Dayo did. Thing is, of course he had no clue what he did, so I wasn’t angry with him, but I was still pissed. Pissed because all of a sudden I have to find a wad of cash to pay for a new pair of glasses, because one look at the frames in two parts and I knew they couldn’t be repaired easily.

A trip to expensive-ass Supercentre in Warrens turned out to be a fool’s errand, as the in-store optometrist was closed. Missed by almost an hour.

The rest of the weekend was spent being disoriented and headachy, because neither super glue or masking tape could put my glasses into even a passably usable state. It was very frustrating. When I came home on Saturday afternoon, I gave Dayo a stiff-talking to.

New GlassesI went into town yesterday, and struggled through the discomfort of looking like a supernerd with masking tape across my nose, and went and had my eyes tested again and picked the second cheapest pair of frames in the shop and the no-frills lenses. Still cost me $600BDS. : sigh : Was deeply frustrated but glad at least I have money coming in enough that I could at least get my own glasses and not ask my mother to front me the money. (She bought the playard and bouncer for Dayo last week, so I knew she didn’t have the cash anyway…)

Dayo was wrapped in the sling during my exam yesterday and he fussed and fussed. When I went to work today for a couple hours today he went with me and sat in his carrier. He hated it. Shouted down the place. Not uninterrupted crying mind you, just fussing.

I think he was grumpy because as we went down in the car he fell asleep for a few minutes, and when I took him out of the car, he woke up and never went back to sleep. The child hates to get sleepy, but is always grumpy when he doesn’t get enough.

After my work session, I went into town to collect my glasses and change a cheque at the bank. Of course, Dayo fell asleep in the car but again didn’t sleep long.

New GlassesI’m starting to realise that I’m going to have to consider putting him a daycare a few hours a week, but don’t want to and am not sure I can afford to. I need to think if I really want a stranger handling my son. I’m not sure that I do. It may seem strange coming from me (Ms. Workaholic), but I don’t want to miss this part of his life. I don’t want him to see more of strangers than he sees of me.

I think there are numerous ways I can make a living without having to go out and 9-5 it. In fact, I know there is and I’m working on a couple ideas to do just that. I’m very excited for the first time in a long time by the possibilities and having fun working up to doing the do. #160

At least now I don’t have to feel shame that my glasses look like I’ve been skateboarding on the lenses and with green gunk built up on the metal (accumulated no matter how many times I cleaned them off.) So i may have been pissed off, but maybe it was just time to replace them. They were eight years old, and were due for change. I had just hoped they would last another six months before I had to look for that money. God knows why She does things though.

Now too, my serious Mami look gets a little more severe. (Heh!)

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