May 21, 2024

First of all, be aware that a ritual bath is not intended to clean you of physical dirt accumulated by being alive. If you want to take a ritual bath, first take a shower or bath to remove the grime. Then clean out the tub or shower, so you that you can come to the ritual bath with a clean tub. The desire for a spiritual bath relates to the spiritual nature and the tub should be clean of any traces of the physical world. The clean atmosphere could be extended to include a clean bathroom as well.

Prepare the bath itself. If you use a bath purchased at a religious supply store, all you need to do is clean yourself and the bathroom, and you are ready to proceed.

Fill the bath tub about half full of lukewarm or cool water. Pour the bath preparation into the water while the bath is being drawn. If you are using a prepared bath, rinse the bottle at least twice. If you are using a homemade herbal tea bath, strain the preparation into the tub using a tea strainer. (This will ease the strain of herbs in the drain pipes.)

Enter the bathtub nude, and immediately immerse yourself head included, in the water. If these instructions seem facetious, let me assure you they are not! One of the guiding lights of modern psychology admitted he had never taken either a bath or shower nude in his entire life, and had no intention of doing so. Many women do not bathe nude, and some who do have never immersed the head in any bathwater. Nude bathing, and immersion of the head, including the hair, are fundamental requirements of any spiritual bath.

If you wish, you may rinse out your mouth with the bath water. Avoid swallowing any of the bath solution, however. Be certain that the bathwater enters every part of the body. If you wish, you can wet a clean washcloth with the bath solution and scrub yourself with it during the bath. Remember, you don’t use soap.

You should remain in a a spiritual bath for at least six to eight minutes for it to have the best effect. In certain baths, the individual may need to soak for a longer period of time. A clock may be placed near the bath to insure that you bathe the proper time. Use a mechanical clock or timer, rather than an electric clock.

Pray for the effectiveness of the bath as you pour the water over yourself or wash with the washcloth. Continue to immerse and wash yourself until the bath time has elapsed. (You can use a clean glass to pour water over you.) Prayer is important here, for the concentration of your thoughts to the matter you wish to develop is aided by prayer. Don’t let your mind wander.

When you leave the tub, wrap your hair in a towel but don’t dry it. Put on a bathrobe—to cover your wet body, but don’t towel dry. it is important that your body dry in the air. If you live in a warm enough place, you can stay nude until the air completely dries you—for you want the after effect of the bath to stay on your body. Do not bathe or wash your hair for 24 hours following a bath for spiritual improvement.

Whether or not you notice any change after a spiritual bath, rest assured the bath has had its effect. The effect is on spiritual levels of consciousness, not the physical one. Unless you have conscious access to the level of spiritual sensation you may only notice that you feel lighter after the bath. Scepticism or disbelief in the effect of the bath will decrease the chance that it will be of benefit.

Spiritual Cleansing (A Handbook of Psychic Protection) by Draja Mickaharic

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