May 21, 2024

I’ve just finished reading my entire love the hierophant category. There’s some really good posts in there about YMK. I’m telling you. It’s some of my best writing full stop.

It was kind of interesting, because the first entries in this blog were about (not so)Sweet Thing, and the dying red herring that whole fiasco was. Reading it now, is a bit of a mind fuck, because I was out of it… mooning over that ass.

The most recent entries are about YMK. Much better.

I realise how much I’ve changed between now and then, how much this blog has changed and how much I have grown from the experiences with both men.

I can’t compare them though. It’s just striking to me the differences within myself and my dealings with them.

Reading some of the things I wrote about (not so)Sweet Thing, made me cringe. The things I’ve written about YMK, my achingly sweet memories…. the sex, the dialogue… it’s like I’m there again with him. Isn’t that a little sad, I am reliving my life through my blog and pining for a man who is thousands of miles away. :sigh:

Sweet Thing (gack!) was like a painful spasm and I am not in any way sorry about anything I did or didn’t do with him. I’m glad to be free of it all. I’m glad it wasn’t worse, because it could have been. As it is, the entries to do with him are mortifying. What the fuck was I thinking? Fi real, though!

Most of all, I’m glad I had my experiences with YMK, because he made me believe in him. He’s a bad boy, but he’s my bad boy. We’re bad together… it’s honey sweet.

I’m going to masturbate now, those posts worked me up, bye bye.

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