May 24, 2024

My dear sons and daughters, you should watch what you eat and drink in the New Year’s Eve festivities. Dress in white as often as you can and keep white flowers in your house most of the time. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, uncork a bottle of bottle of champagne or cider. Shake it well to create abundant foam when the cork gets flying away. This will bring good fortune all year round. You and your relatives should cleanse their bodies with a bag of coins and some oatmeal. After rubbing the bag all over your body, lay it by the shadow of a leafy tree. The first bath of the New Year must contain cascarilla, white flower petals, a tad of honey, ground cinnamon and holy water. Bear in mind you must take this bath after an ordinary shower, keeping all the ingredients in a bucket of water that you will later pour all over your body. HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY THE ORISHAS BLESS YOU ALL AND MAY GOOD FORTUNE BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME!

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