May 27, 2024

I am starting to feel like a human being again.

BT and Homechoice are coming to install my telephone and broadband at the end of the month, although it’s all so I can work from home the same weekend.

I’m actually amazed how much my life has changed in the last year. Shit, it’s a little shocking how much my life has changed in just two months.

I went from planning to go home to Barbados and Trinidad and retreat to one of my parent’s homes and nursing my wounds, to being employed, having a place to live and shortly to being wired to the Net again.

As much as this was my own effort, I know it was only the strength of my faith in the Ancestors and the Orisas that brought me to this point.

It’s kind of weird. I’ve been feeling that all this has happened TO me, rather than something I did.

I also kind of realise too that I am going to only be able to do this job for a finite amount of time; I was given the good advice of a friend, not to do it for longer than six months. In this country, if you contract too much or do too much temporary work, you run the risk of being typecast and then it becomes harder and harder to find a permanent job.

So I guess as soon as my Net access is regularised, the job hunt will be on again.

I’m also planning to go home over the summer to see my parents and also to make a journey… a kind of spiritual quest.

I have so much I need to write and share, but because of the paranoia of using the Internet in here, I don’t have the time to do it here.

Come the end of March (now a mere two weeks away if you can believe it) I’ll be able to do things at my own pace.

I miss reading everybody. I feel like I have fallen hopelessly behind with my regulars and you guys don’t come by and read with the regularity you did before.

I’m sorry about that. In a way I feel like I’ve let you all down. I wish I could have done better, but I guess you all know how it is and how it has been.

At least things are getting better now.

Of course, I still have my regular complaints of needing some good deep dicking… but you know I don’t want to devolve into crude and crass commentary on my life.

I can hear a couple of you laughing…. STOP!!!

I’m really feeling glad to be alive. It’s like just getting up and going to work and being paid well for it is a validation of the gamble I took just to come to England. All that hard grinding and deprivation that I went to since coming up here… it’s like I just knew Astra was telling me the truth… and that I was right to take the chance to expose myself to such risk and reach out for this with both hands.

Alright… my boring life update is done.

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