May 21, 2024

What I want to know is who decided to send it around the world to begin with? It makes you wonder if idiocy is an epidemic, or if someone has other reasons. We already know the American government is quite desperate to depopulate the world in order to maintain their economic superiority; they’ve been working hard at it, and finding new ways to do so all the time. Surely the imagination doesn’t need to stretch an inch to imagine other reasons for sending out such a deadly flu virus.

Stupid. Stupid. Why?

Labs race to destroy deadly virus

Medical student Michelle Levender receives an experimental vaccine against avian flu

Current vaccines do not guard against the 50-year-old flu strain

Health experts have begun to destroy samples of a potentially lethal flu strain sent to laboratories around the world by a US testing organisation.

The samples are of Asian flu, which killed between one and four million people in 1957 but disappeared by 1968.

Testing kits containing the virus were sent to more than 3,700 laboratories in 18 countries from Brazil to Lebanon.

The World Health Organization said the virus could “easily cause an influenza epidemic” if not handled properly.

From: BBC NEWS | Americas | Labs race to destroy deadly virus

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