May 27, 2024

I Shall Be Released — Nina SimonedreamsHating family lifeLast night I dreamt of my son again.

In the dream I have been traveling and return home. I go through the downstairs part of the house, shouting for my boy… “Dayo! Dayo!”

I walk out of the house onto a long verandah, whose floor was painted red, and just beyond the cement was a stretch of grass. Beyond that a wall, beyond that the sea. There is a gate that leads down to the garden and then on to the sea.

I stand on the back verandah calling for my son, “Dayo! Dayo!”

Suddenly the gate flies open and slams into the fence, and my son, aged about three, comes barreling through.

His face was bright and shiny, my caramel coloured boy, and he races across the verandah and about three feet away, he takes a flying leap and jumps into my arms, throws his arms around my neck and covers my face with kisses.

“Mummy! Mummy! I missed you!”

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