May 21, 2024
Season 4 Starts!
Season 4 Starts!

How beautiful is Grenada? Stunningly so. I thoroughly enjoyed my almost two days here.

I did not go in the sea, or the hotel’s pool, but then I would never go by myself. My Sea Mama likes me too much to risk going on my own. But I looked at its beautiful colour, and St. George’s beautiful bay, the little boats, the hills rimming the bay and colourful houses…. it all charmed me.

I caught up with two of my girlfriends online last night, because although they were telling me to go out a trawl for some ‘fun’, I just enjoyed having a room to myself, and not having to run around. The three of us are planning to do a little vacation maybe later this year, and Grenada will be the destination. I want to come back and explore it without the tourist trap and more time to do the island properly.

One of my regrets my visit is/was so short, was that I didn’t get a chance to hike up to Fedon’s Camp. I so wanted to take a photo of me at the top.

However, I was here on business, so my time was largely regulated by the client, and there was no sight-seeing tour included. It hardly would.

However, the small part of St. Georges and Grand Anse (where I’ve been staying at the Coyaba) has charmed me so much, I can’t wait for my girls and I to meet up and hang out here. I have to start saving!!! Cause this country is expensive no ass, bad or worse than Barbados (and that is saying something).

The hardest part of this trip has ben missing Dayo. When I left him, it was with a lump in my throat and a knot in my tummy.

I know I have been glad not to have to rush each morning, an not having to do the Witching Hour’s cajoling into bed, but I have MISSED my child. Just the sound of his voice and his spitty kisses and his crazy sense of humour, despite my pleasure in Grenada, I just cannot wait to see him. I am afraid I’ve been talking about him a lot and I hope I didn’t annoy the client with my Mummy-isms.

At any rate, this afternoon I head back East to Barbados. I’m stuck in St. Vincent for a few hours to transfer, but I’ll be home in time for the Battlestar Galactica Season 4 premiere, which I am damn near tingling in anticipation of. The client was trying to get me to change my flight to a later one so I could stay and give them few more hours of training, but I said I’d only be willing if I stayed another night and left in the morning. The hotel has Sci Fi and it means I wouldn’t miss my show, but I don’t think they were up for paying another night in the hotel.

The later flight she suggested would get me home at all 11.30pm tonight, and you know that wasn’t going to fly with me. It means I’d have to wait until about 2am to download the premiere on BitTorrent and wait the few hours (because you know its going to have hundreds of seeds and hundreds and hundreds of leechers so it will come down rather zippily) but after a year of anxious, obsessive waiting and the ENORMOUS media push of the last few weeks, there is no way I have that sort of patience. I MUST be in front a television at 10pm tonight or my head is going to explode. So we’ll skype the client some more training (unless I go today and they say, “Stay another night!”). :laughing to myself:

I asked Jomo to bring Dayo to the airport with him, cause I just want to smell his (Dayo’s) neck. Maybe he will try to french kiss me (he sometimes opens his mouth and tastes me when kiss each other…. pretty wet and sloppy but we both giggled like mad people. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <– he makes this sound everytime he kisses now. In fact I think he thinks that’s what makes a kiss a kiss.)

Goodbye sweet Grenanda, I’ll be back to sample the hard spice soon! Promise. (Grenadian men are foine. Finer than frog hairs. I have to control the way my head swings so as not to be too obvious. Been a while ya know… two years plus, so all the hard spice here in Grenada has surely turned Big Mami’s head.)

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