May 21, 2024
Baba Elombe
Baba Elombe

Uncle Elton has started a campaign to get better programming on Caribbean televisions, especially multi-channeled public television where the local island stations are available on every television across the region.

I signed the petition, I think as many of us should add our voices as possible. Support the effort.

My name is Elombe.  I am a Bajan living in Jamaica.  There has been a lot of talk recently about stagnation of the Caribbean Integration movement.  I am of the opinion that it is not purely the fault of the bureaucrats and/or the politicians. What they do is important, but their perspective is conditioned by their training, their ambitions and the helplessness and stagnation they have to endure.  They need help.  They need people’s support to make what they have done work. The political leaders have two jobs of which the substantial one of Prime Minister is by far more important. But indecision comes in many disguises.

Let us help.

I want you to shift your focus from politicians and bureaucrats to us, the people, and what we can do.  My experience has shown me that when you create opportunities for people to let their imagination soar, they will soar.  I will outline my analysis of the situation and strategy to make something happen with your help.

This strategy is called MUSTCARRY.


Click the above link to read the entire appeal, and get more details on the petition.

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