May 21, 2024

I’ve been re-watching “Taken” a 2002 mini-series, and I’m having a blast picking out minor characters from “Battlestar Glactica”.

Clearly Sy Fy (formerly Sci Fi and known fondly as Skiffy) has a pool of talent they dip into for everything.


I’ve spotted Fergersky, Zak Adama, Socinus, the woman, King and Felix Gaeta (traitorous jackass), the doctor who see’s Allie in Part 10 of the series… did anyone else spot any others?

You might of missed this mini-series, but it’s pretty good. Dakato Fanning’s Allie, and her monologues are very good. I quite enjoyed it, and I watched the whole thing on the then-Sci Fi channel. One thing, I cannot stand the performance of the actress who plays Mary Crawford. She overacts and her attempts at ‘sultry maniacal vixen’ miss the mark so often. A very hollow performance. Yet, overall, the series is very well acted and the special effects pretty good for television and 2002.

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