May 22, 2024

Dayo: So just toss in the onions?

Mami: Yes, but that’s way too much.

Dayo: No it’s not.

Mami: Sir, it will be all onions.

Dayo: I love the taste of onions.

Mami: So do I, but that’s a lot a lot.

Dayo: ** goes back to the counter and takes out half of what he was going to use** What about more garlic?

Mami: Dayo, there is such a thing as over seasoning.

Dayo: Never.

Mami: Boy. Why are you like this?

Dayo: *** waaaaahhhhhh ***

Mami: *** waaaaaaaaaahhhhh ***

Dayo & Mami: *** mimimimimimimi ****

Dayo & Mami: ** 40 seconds of loud fake crying **

Dayo: ** laughing ** Our relationship is so cool.

Mami: Yes it is. ** laughing **

Mami: Dayo, where’s the milk?

Dayo: I ate it all.

Mami: Whyareyouplayingwithmyfeelinngs? Ijustwantacupofcoffee.Whyareeyouthisway? Whycantyoujusttellmewhereitiswithoutbeingsnarky?

Dayo: : bursts out laughing : I love when you do that. You sound like a little old lady.

Mami: I am a little old lady.

Dayo: No you’re not! You’re only 46.

Mami: I am in my 49th year of life.

Dayo: ** curls up ** I can’t believe that.

Mami: I’m just keeping very fresh. In ten months I will begin my 50th year of life, and shortly after you will be 18… and then it’s all over for you and all this togetherness. Life begins at 50. I won’t spend my 30s and most of my 40s stuck in a house with you AND my 50s. as well. I am going to go out and roam without you.

Dayo: *** pouts ***

Mami: Come here lemme kiss that cute dimple.

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