May 27, 2024

This Is Where We Came In


(Freudian Corduroy)

This is the kind of the classic rock n’ roll you rarely hear on the radio these days. Not the nefarious formula whore type, no this is the kind of stuff that makes your insides churn, and make you wonder what else the band has in store. More radio-friendly that ‘Similarly Inclined’, ist shows it’s radio friendliess in this track.

This song’s major strength is the lyrics and the singer’s plaintive primal voice. The singer’s voice, has a kind of world weariness that anyone who has loved, lost and left the bitch behind, will identify with strongly. We’ve all been too tired to write about the bullshit.

As you listen, lyrical imagery is conjured, both frustration and empathy is evoked with it’s alternately delicate and crashing cymbals and guitar solo blazing underneath a sung-spoken declaration.

My right foot, which wishes it played drums in a rock n’ roll band, refused to be still during the ten or fifteen times I played it.

This is my kind of rock n’ roll; emotive, singable interestingly paced and delivered music.

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