May 24, 2024

I went to the four crossroads nearest to where I live this morning, and I took four candles with me, and the three sweets per candle I laid down in my room last night.

I made a counter-clockwise circle three times around the round about and lit the candles one by one; then on the last pass, I laid down the twelve sweets.

Try as I might, one candle refuse to light; the other three lit fine and stayed lit. The one that refused to light, first my lighter kept going out, then I lit it and the wind blew it out.

The corner that the ‘refuse to light’ candle is on, I had to pass to go to an interview with the agency at 2pm today. I just decided to try and relight it when I went out.

The thing is, for the most part, when I am depressed or worried what I do is I dance, I sing, I hang out with friends, play with babies… I guess that wasn’t working, because where I am staying with my cousin I am very, very isolated. There are no people around and in particular, no black people, and when my cousin isn’t home he isn’t friendly at all, and barely speaks to me.

Even as I went to the crossroads this morning, I drew stares from drivers and passersby. I draw stares or embarrased ignoring in general in this area because it is 1) countryside England and I am what they call ‘coloured’ 2) because of my blonde dreadlocks I’m sure.

I felt better having gone to talk to Eshu.

I plan to do the bath again in a week.


When you call out in need, there are people who answer, oui? Orisha too…

Mama Ochun Kofa De had actually said, not to light candles at the crossroads, but to throw candies in the crossroads. I misunderstood what she said. However, I think the candles helped.

The agency was VERY impressed with my work (which I had bound up and took with me) AND my CV. They said they’d find some temporary work for me, and look for permanent work for me as well. In fact, the lady was amazed when I told her I was looking to move out of my main field (journalism) and into something that would use my second career skills (web development), she thought my work as an editor was high caliber.

On the way BACK from the agency, a friend of a friend called me and said he was sending my CV out to a friend of his who needs a person to help them with layout for a week. (Need money bad for clothes as am currently freezing my butt off, oui?) The man with the job called me when I was on the train and wants me to come in tomorrow… all I need now is a place to stay in London for the week I’m up there. So I called up a young sister (Wildegirl/Mahie) who’s living in London, and after some discussing with her flatmates, I have a place to stay until the weekend.

ALSO, my friend’s friend put my CV up on the noticeboard in his office, so people can see it when they pass by and maybe find stuff for me to do.

Got an email from someone who needs help putting listings up on eBay. and asked me to put in for the job… part-time, and minimum wage, but money is money, oui?

When I came back from the interview, all the three candles that lit had burned down, except the one that wouldn’t light at first. I lit that when I went out to the interview, and when I got back, not only was it gone completely (as in no trace) so were the candies.

Also, I am staying next to a lake, and have honey and luckily, five pennies (:smile:) and will take it for Her… my Beautiful, Generous Mama.

My money is down to nothing, last night’s expedition to the local Tescos and the travel to the agency has wiped me out, but my heart is light, and I feel really calm and serene.

Baba Esu appreciated those candles… I’m sure of it! My spirit guides too appreciated my efforts. Talk about working fast!

Modupe Baba! Adupe! Modupe to my Guardian Orisha/Angel, Modupe to my Spirit Guides, Modupe to those who protect me.

Modupe, Adupe! I say MOJUBA!

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