May 21, 2024

Now I’m a huge fan of Maxwell’s and soak in his previous three albums, and his wonderful MTV Unplugged live album, but I for one am aching for a new release.

Searching for info on when that might occur, one of the only reports I could find was the one below, dated August 8, last year.

No more news or info as to when papi is going to drop it.

Torture, oui?

However, I’ve noticed a pattern. All the artists that I adore who produce this ‘Neo-Soul’ sound, are not prolific. D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Anthony Hamilton, Sade, Jill Scott… none of these are artists who produce more than one album ever three or four years… in the case of Lauryn Hill, it’s only one studio album, and if there’s a sister who needs to make another album she’s the one.

D’Angelo, only two albums in more than ten years, five years between them.

You can’t get vex with them. When they produce an album, the quality is usually so exceptional, the wait between them is quite meaningless.

In the meantime, sisters like me put a hurting on the released material. Heavy rotation in the dance, oui?

But it excites me to know that Maxwell is at least writing… now if we could only get L Boogie back into the studio… oh, and my outside man for life, D’Angelo too.

Trust me, the R&B field is littered with easily forgettable, substandard trite rubbish… we need our standard bearers… even Anthony Hamilton’s EXCEPTIONAL “Where I’m Coming From” is eighteen months old.


Maxwell Putting Fnishing Touches On Fourth Album

R&B singer Maxwell has been out of the limelight for almost two years. The singer’s last release was 2001’s platinum, Now, but according to his friend and frequent collaborator, producer Stuart Matthewman, he is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album.

Matthewman explained that Maxwell simply needed a break: “But yeah no, he’s doing his thing, Maxwell. He’s writing. He just needed a break. He needed to, like Sade, I guess have something to write about, you know. He’s going through changes and stuff, so.”

Matthewman added: “He nearly had his record finished then he was making some changes. We’ve kinda of not really worked much yet so we’ll probably get to do a couple of tracks eventually, hopefully.”

Maxwell’s untitled fourth album is tentatively scheduled for release in November according to his label, Columbia Records.

In addition to working with Maxwell on all three of his studio albums, Matthewman has been Sade’s guitarist and producer. The talented multi-instrumentalist also recently released the second album, Stage 2, from his group, Sweetback, which includes two other members of Sade’s band.

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