May 21, 2024

Last night I dreamt that I was looking for an apartment (not far from the truth). My baby had been born already, and I went to a place where I had rented from before. (If fact not a real place, but somewhere I dreamt about some months ago.)

When I got there, a babalawo I had been working with since last year, showed me the place. It was a small little one bedroom, but it was nice. Not furnished though.

When I called him back, to tell him I’d take the place, it turns out that the entire building was mine. That I had inherited it from someone.

Both of these are omens of success and friendships. What’s more, I find it interesting that it was a babalawo, a son of Ifa, and a familiar one to me that showed me the place and that it was somewhere I had rented from before.

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