May 21, 2024

Yes I’ve dreamt about him at least once about three months ago.

In the dream I stormed into his apartment. When I got there, and asked him if he plans to take care of his child, he refused to answer me, and I lost my temper and said a few words to him and paralysed him. I then began to destroy his place. I broke every plate, dish, cup and glass I could find. I uprooted plants and threw them against the wall. I broke every piece of glasss and mirror I could find. I destroyed stuff hanging on the walls. Broke furniture, chairs, coffee tables… I threw stuff out the window.

In between these shifts from item to item, I’d ask him if he was going to be responsible and be a man, and he just refused to answer me. In the end, he was cowering on the floor in fear. I would stand over him and ask him, “Are you going to take care of your child?” and he just wouldn’t answer me; I would look in his eyes, and I could see his fear, but I could see his hate and anger as well.

My mother came to the door, and came inside and told me, “You’ve done enough now, let me talk to him.”

I went outside and paced up and down, until she came outside and said that he had agreed to maintain the baby.

I asked her if she had that in writing, and she said no, but that she believed him.

I told her, he was a liar and charmer, and that he would say and do anything to get me to leave him alone, but unless he put it in writing I didn’t believe him.

Then I woke up.

What I remember most about this dream, is the satisfaction I took I destroying his stuff, and his powerlessness to move or do anything. I could see how angry he was at first, he was clenching his fists over and over and I could see he wanted to rush me and hit me, but he could not move. See, I had spoken and bound him immobile. Also by the time I was done, he was a jelly of fear trembling on the floor.

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