May 24, 2024

I just got off the phone with some folk I went out to see a week or two ago about a possible part-time gig.

After initially being all peachy keen about me coming on board, in the time since I saw them, they’ve reportedly been experiencing some serious internal drama and politicking. However, I didn’t hear that from them.Seems my services won’t be required, and its just as bloody well.

I have so much flicking work on right now, I can’t be assed if one project falls through. So many are turning up with cheques attached it’s really no skin off my nose.I am also to the point where I have to turn down work or ask them to wait until my availability is better, and for the most part this is not work I have to run down.

These people are all pretty much finding me. My time is so heavily booked right now, anything new I take on has to be rigidly scheduled and executed, and my time management is ruthless to almost to a fault. Quite simply, I am open to more work, but if I don’t get it I have enough to keep me both busy and paid enough to get by.So while it rankled that I even wasted my time when the whole thing went nowhere, ultimately I don’t care enough to be really pissed off.

The sister on the phone was reading the rejection script, and I barely heard her because the code on the page had almost all my attention. I answered in what I hoped were the right places, hung up and coded for four and half hours without even getting up to pee.I just keep thanking God and all the benevolent Spirits for their support… because to be sure, they’re taking care of me.

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