May 24, 2024
That looks like love and happiness…

The former DivaGirl posted a link to The Huffington Post’s entry devoted to Barack and Michelle Obama’s public displays of affection on Inauguration Day. I have to say, I love looking at them. I love seeing them together.

This is such a marked and telling difference to my feelings about the Bushes. I could not stand to see a single one of them or hear them open their mouths to speak. To me, everytime I heard Bush talk I felt like how Roland Deschain of Gilead (anti-hearo of Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels) must have felt when he approached the wall that a Speaking Demon lived in to collect the jawbone that would eventually save Jake.


That said, I cannot lie that even my avowed cynicism about the political processes employed in the West and my strong feelings about the true ‘government’, I am still blown away by them both.

On Tuesday, I was online at Live and participated in the live-stream, live chat going on until the stream degraded so badly I gave up. It is my girlfriend N, who came by to watch with me, who got me to take up my mother’s suggestion of going to watch the ceremony and speech at her house.

We JUMPED out, rushed and raced out to N’s car, hopped in and drove like mad for the three minutes it took to get to my mother’s house. Got inside just in time to see Obama put his hand on Lincoln’s bible.

I sat and watched Obama’s speak like I have heard no President of the ‘Free World’ speak. And the reverend at the end, he took the cake… was the cherry on top.

On the real, I am forced to couch my cynicism and enjoy seeing and witnessing a Black man in the White House. I am enjoying it for my father, he would have LOVED this even more than I; he an ex-revolutionary Black Power activist and a lifelong educator on the history of the African people the world over from the dawn of recorded history.

I ENJOY them. Besides, look at them on Tuesday night. You know they went home to brush, and Barack for sure put it on her good. I say he better make sure to keep his woman happy, cause we’re watching.

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  • Someone said in a blog somewhere and I loved how they put it… That “we feel close to him” even from far away. He feels “familiar to us”.
    I watched the media snippets of faces in Africa, the Carribian, and all over who were watching as he gave his speach. The voices chanting his name in unison gave me chills. The close-ness was undeniable. It felt good.

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